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89 Andover Road
GL50 2TR

Tel: 01242 236608

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10 tips to help you get that new job...

1. Work out what sort of job you want to apply for. Take a bit of time to identify the roles and companies you want to target and spend some time on those applications. Avoid the "scatter gun approach".

2. If you want to apply through an agency, talk to the agencies that are advertising the sort of jobs you would like to apply for, even if they don't have your exact ideal role.

3. Update your CV to make is as current and relevant as possible when applying for your target roles. Make it personal, so that if reflects who you are.

4. Save your CV as a pdf, so you know the advertiser will see it he same as you and there will not be any formatting errors.

5. Give your CV a sensible file name. Ideally, include your full name and maybe the date. It is better not to use something like "My CV" or "John's CV". If you include a date, make sure it is current.

6. Write a decent covering email with your application. The advertiser wants to be told that you can do the job, so cross reference your covering email with the advert and give some examples of where you have done what they are looking for.

7. Keep track of your applications, so you know where and what you have applied for and can follow up with a phone call or secondary message. If you keep track, you won't end up applying for the same job twice too.

8. If you are going to follow up your application, make sure you do so before the closing date.

9. Be prepared for interview. You might get an interview at short notice, so make sure you can find your copy of your application and research the company in advance.

10. Remember that however you communicate with the advertiser, by phone, email, application form or in person, the only way that they will know you are right for the job, if if you tell them. So, be confident in your strengths and make sure you mention them.

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