*Recruitment Support Service* helping small and medium sized companies to attract, hire and retain the best staff for their business advertised by GlosJobs.co.uk

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The Job Guru

Contact Information:
The Job Guru
1 Alvin Street

Tel: 01242 644344

Email: support@thejobguru.co.uk

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*Recruitment Support Service* helping small and medium sized companies to attract, hire and retain the best staff for their business



The Job Guru

The Job Guru is a recruitment support service that helps small and medium sized companies to attract, hire and retain the best staff for their business. If you need help hiring the best new employees we can help.

When you engage The Job Guru to help you hire a new member of staff, we don’t just drop a load of CVs in your inbox for you to sift through, taking time out of your, or your staff’s, busy schedule. We work with you right from the start, helping to get the job description right, searching for great candidates and screening all applicants so you can concentrate on what you do best knowing that we are doing what we do best.

With 3 fixed price recruitment packages you will find one that suits your needs at a price that will save you £,000’s (we’ve saved one of our clients over £50,000 in recruitment fees in less than 1 year!).

Why be left in the dark when it comes to hiring employees for your business?

The Job Guru also provides Recruitment Coaching, helping to train business owners, company directors, HR and managers in all aspects of recruitment from writing the job description, through advertising, searching, interviewing and more. This valuable service will make your recruitment more efficient, more cost effective and more successful.


Do you keep hitting a brick wall with your recruitment? Can’t get the right people? Can’t get the ones you hire to stay? Spending too much money?

The Job Guru can run a comprehensive review of all your recruitment processes, getting to know them from the decision to employ a new member of staff through to them starting on their first day. Using our findings we will provide you with a report detailing what changes are needed to improve your recruitment so that you can hire faster, smarter and more effectively.


Get in touch with The Job Guru today to find out more, there is no obligation. We take recruitment in a new direction.


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