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Coronavirus: Tops Tips For Job Seeking During Social Distancing

Coronavirus has changed the way we live but you can't put your life on hold. If you need to look for work which a lot of people do right now then here are some tips on what to expect in the jobs market, but remember it won't be like this forever.

Virtual interview

Be Prepared To Be interviewed Via Video or Telephone:

Video and Telephone interviews are the safest way forward for the foreseeable future. Employers will be able to interview candidates this way without physically meeting them, safe for both parties involved. 

Tips for Video interviews
1. Make sure in advance that your technology works. It will not look good if the first part of the interview is spent with you trying to set up a good connection. Maybe test your technology on a friend first.  

2. Dress appropriately, at least from the waist up.   

3. Make sure you sit in a place that has nothing behind you that is distracting.

4. Warn others that you are with that you are being interviewed to reduce any chance of disturbance and interruption.

5. Make sure your camera is fixed and that you are not holding it. Look at the camera lens and not the picture on the screen to establish eye contact.

6. Remember your body language. Smile when appropriate. Avoid too much fidgeting like ear scratching, nose rubbing and yawning, etc.

7. Remember you may not like being interviewed via video but you have the advantage of having notes which you can refer to that the interviewer cannot see if they are placed correctly. Use sticky notes to jot down information you might need, or questions you want to ask. 

8. A Video or Telephone interview is a real interview so prepare well, dress appropriately, and remember that virtual first impressions are just as important as real-life ones.  

Start Dates

If you get offered the job that's great, well done but be patient as businesses may need time to get you set up and ready for work so you may need to wait a bit longer than usual for your start date.

You may need to Work From Home

You may need to start work working from home to avoid unnecessary spreading of Coronavirus in the workplace. This may be temporary or permanent. 

Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment at work

When you start work be prepared to following some rules to ensure everyone stays safe. You may be asked to stagger your starting and ending times and take breaks seperately. You may be asked to wear a mask, gloves or other PPE. 

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