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Coronavirus:Top Tips For Recruitment Using Social Distancing

Tips on how to run the recruitment process and comply with social distancing.

Adopt a digital recruitment process so you can hire new talent without the need to meet candidate's in-person. 

So you have shortlisted your candidates for your vacancy and now you have to conduct an interview safely adhering to social distancing.  

Decide how you would like to conduct the interview:

Do you need to -

  • Just talk
  • See the candidate via video conferencing
  • Share a document
  • Require more than one interviewer to attend

Choose the technology for the interview:

  • Telephone, smart phone, tablets, computer or laptop.
  • Software and apps for video conferencing product, some of which are free, like MS Teams, Whereby, Zoom, WhatsApp. 
  • Be aware of technology time lags due to different technologies and broadband speeds.
  • Make the candidate aware this may happen to make them feel at ease.

Prepare the Candidate for the interview:

  • Check that they have the necessary device and software and that all are up to date.
  • Give them a good indication how long the interview will take place and try and stick to the time. 
  • Before you start outline what you’re hoping to get out of the interview and how you would like any questions the candidate would like to ask done, i.e. at the end of the interview.
  • Check they have somewhere quiet and private to talk.
  • You could offer a pre interview test run to the candidate. 
  • Make sure they have all the information about the role beforehand such as Jobs Description and Person specification.
  • If you are recording the interview please ask permission. Recording will allow you to get feedback on candidates from everyone in the hiring chain, even if they aren’t available to attend. 

Preparing you for the interview:

  • Have a room or space that is quiet and where you will not be interrupted and let people know you are holding an interview.
  • If more than one person is involved in the interview process decide who is doing what, i.e. taking notes, asking which set of questions. 
  • Do a test run with a colleague to check all the technology is working.

The interview:

  • Welcome the candidate and let them know all the people involved in the interview process and their role during the interview.
  • Let them know what will happen if the technology fails, for example how you will try to contact them. 
  • Make sure phones and mobiles that are not being used are set to silent or switched off to reduce distraction. 
  • Communicate clearly and slowly and allow for any time lags. 
  • Remember for audio calls sometimes you may get or give non-verbal responses.

Post interview:

Follow up with some form of communication to the candidate regarding the interview. 

For successful candidates provide information on the social distancing procedures you have put in place in the work place to ensure their health and safety. 

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