Rock the Cotswolds is the award-winning, not-for-profit campaign created to promote the talent and creativity of the area. advertised by

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Rock the Cotswolds

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Rock the Cotswolds

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Rock the Cotswolds is the award-winning, not-for-profit campaign created to promote the talent and creativity of the area.



Oli Christie founded mobile games development business Neon Play in 2010 with it's HQ in Cirencester. But there was one problem having your HQ in a town that was not known as being a celebrated centre of technical talent.

What was needed was to change the perception of the Cotswolds as a place full of pretty villages, bus loads of tourists, Roman villas and tweedy types at the Racecourse to an area where companies are creating, designing and selling in some of the most exciting global industries. There are hotels and restaurants that would make London blush. There are fashion labels that rock the world. And global superstars in every sector who call the Cotswolds home.

Our award-winning campaign is shaking things up a bit. Challenging conventions. Opening eyes to make everyone realise that the Cotswolds is the best place in the UK to live and work with some of the most creative, clever and brilliant people around. Changing people's persecption of the Cotswolds as a bit sleepy to somewhere where they might want to progress their career.

Oli got in touch with Business Editor Nicky Godding and between them Rock the Cotswolds was launched.  Melissa Ormiston, with an events and marketing background, joined a few months later fresh from London and delighted to see life beyond the big smoke.

Nicky, Oli and Melissa winning Gloucestershire Business Awards’ ‘Best Marketing Campaign’.

It’s a not-for-profit, teeny tiny team of three with day jobs who are doing this because we’re passionate about the area and its potential over anywhere else in the world.

What we want?

We want people in London, Birmingham, Bristol, New York, Shanghai, Moscow and Timbuktu, to hear about Rock the Cotswolds. We want them to realise how much is going on. They can move here, get a fantastic job or even start a company.

To find out more please visit the website by clicking here.

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