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SeamsRite Jobs in Gloucestershire

~Yvette Drake - SeamsRite - Clothing Alterations & Repairs~

SeamsRite - Updated: 12-07-2024

Turning your sad rags into your glad rags. Jeans ~ Dresses ~ Skirts ~ Knitwear ~ Trousers ~ Shirts ~ Blouses ~ T-Shirts ~ Curtains ~ Labeling ~ Soft Furnishings ~ Prom dresses ~ Vintage Clothing ~ Bridal Wear... Plus more! Here at SeamsRite Alterations and Repairs you will normally find me waist deep in bridal wear, prom dresses, holiday glad rags plus of course every day items such as trousers, jeans, skirts, tops and curtains to name but a few of the items I'm used to working on, but not in recent weeks. Since the week bef...

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